What is a system stand?

System stands are for you who want a flexible and sustainable stand that can be used again and again. Systems stands are built in 100% recyclable materials and designed so that they can be used again and again, as well as change expression at no great cost.

We use different suppliers for our system stands, each of which offers a unique expression – and together they always consist of high quality and timeless design.

Our systems can easily be adapted to new stand areas – you can handle the construction yourself, or simply just let us handle it for you.


BeMatrix makes it easy to realize your ideas and dreams.

As a BePartner, most of our trade fair stands are designed and set up today with BeMatrix´s recognised framework system. We are the main dealer of the system in Denmark and therefore hold the title of BePartner. We are therefore part of an international network that gives us advantages over other carefully selected exhibition stand builders worldwide.

BeMatrix has taken the trade show industry by storm since 1993, and is now known worldwide for its lightweight, sustainable and recyclable display system produced in aluminium.

BeMatrix´s frame systems leave it up to the imagination to set boundaries. With BeMatrix angular and round shapes, we can build walls, ceilings and floors. The frames can be put together in countless ways and in interaction with light boxes, screen solutions, shelves, furniture and LEDskin® etc. With BeMatrix solutions, we have the opportunity to design exactly the expression and the dynamics that best suit your brand.

If you choose an exhibition stand designed and build with BeMatrix´s `in a frame system´, you get an elegant and stylish look. You get a nice finish with lacquered frames and graphics on all desired surfaces in a material to your liking.

With its light weight and eternal life, BeMatrix is the sustainable choice.


The world leader in backlit weight systems.

Pixlip produces backlit system solutions in the highest quality for exhibitions, shops and interior design as well as a wide range of backlit products for every need: mounted and free-standing light boxes, ceiling lightning, screens, roll up banners, mega walls up to 5 meters high, frames and much more.

Pixlip are experts in LED lightning, whatever it is about the latest trends, the colours and tone of light, durability, design, or sustainability. With Pixlip, you get top quality LED lightning in exactly the solution that best suits your needs.

Pixlip´s products can be used as a complete stand-alone solution or in conjunction with our other system stand-alone solutions.


Frame system developed and designed by Wieben Design

Attento® was created based on the idea of combining the simple logic of amodular system with the maximum freedom for individual solutions and giving the exhibition industry an alternative to the traditional systems in aluminium.

The load bearing `skeleton´ in Attento® is made of steel with strong and almost invisible TIG welds. The stability and impression of floating lightness can be combined because Attento® TIG wlded steel elements possess a high, certified breaking strength.

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