Portable systems

The portable systems is ideal for use on the go and during smaller conferences and trade shows where you want to achieve awareness around your brand. We offer a wide range of portable display stands in different sizes and visual expressions.

All portable display stands come with exactly the graphics you want. It is simple and easy. You can even carry it in your car and set it up yourself.

Nomadic Display

Nomadic display designs and produces high quality portable and modular display systems.

Nomadic´s portable display systems are ideal for promoting your business on the go and at smaller conferences or trade shows. Systems you can carry in your car and easily set up, which gives your brand the perfect visibility. Nomadic´s display systems are both economical and sustainable solutions, as the systems and the graphic material can be used again and again. The graphics can also easily be replaced as you like, at no great cost. In addition, Nomadic offers a lifetime warranty on all their products and a ´no question asked´ policy. If the smallest thing happens with the system, you van easily and simply get it repaired or get a new one – without any questions and without cost. Nomadic is actually the inventor of the `pop up´ systems, which was developed or the US military and subsequently further developed for use in marketing.


The easiest form of printing in a big way

The classic Roll Up comes in different sizes, both widths and heights. We help you finding exactly the one that suits your requirements.

Light walls

A modern wall that really catches the eye.

Pixlip Go are backlit walls that you can set up on the go, in the office or in a completely different place. They are available in different sizes and of course with your unique graphics and logo.

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